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Episode 39 | Melvin Melancholy, Netflix “Losers” Documentary, Sports Injury stories, LeBron passes Jordan, AB Trade looming, Harper Recruiting Trout plus Championship for D.C.?, NFL Combine & Packers, and Bucks

Questionable to Return | Episode 39

In This Episode:

  • Melvin Gordon Melancholy… Netflix “Losers” Documentary discussion
  • Sports Injuries Stories
  • The Cycle:
    • Single – LeBron James passes Michael Jordan for 4th NBA All-Time Scoring
    • Double – Antonio Brown Trade Looming
    • HR – Bryce Harper recruiting Mike Trout? But also promises a championship for the city of… D.C.?
    • Triple – Milwaukee in line for NBA Awards Triple Crown (Coach of the Year, GM of the Year, and MVP for Giannis)?
    • Walk – Crazy NFL Combine Player Questions
  • NFL Combine – Rising/Falling Player Stocks, Packers Targets
  • Packers – John Kuhn retires as a Green Bay Packer, we share our favorite Kuuuuhn Moments
  • Bucks Talk – Bucks 2 straight losses for the first time this year, and drop 2 to the Suns, time to PANIC?

Estimated Timestamps for Topics:

  • 0:00:23 – Welcome… Melvin Gordon post interview hangover & documentary series Losers
  • 0:04:41 – more sports injury stories
  • 0:13:57 – The Cycle – single – LeBron passes MJ
  • 0:21:15 – double – Antonio Brown trade coming soon
  • 0:22:50 – home run – Harper recruiting Trout
  • 0:28:19 – walk – NFL combine interviews
  • 0:31:15 – NFL & Packers talk
  • 0:44:47 – Bucks talk

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