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These boys are great! Can't wait to the next episode... thank you for the Wisconsin emphasis.

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Awesome start guys, keep up the good work.  Keeps getting better every episode!

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Love listening to these guys! Good job! It's fun listening to you guys your chemistry is awesome.

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I like the topics and good perspective. I appreciate the Wisconsin spin, but also like the National Sports topics too!

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It's great to hear the fans perspective on Packers, Bucks, Brewers and other Wisconsin's sports.  These guys are great, Good Friends, just talking about the things we all think about that the National Guys can't offer! Keep it up!

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It's fun to listen to these guys. Sometimes it almost seems like they're sitting right in the room with me... Good job guys!

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As someone who doesn't really care or know all the stats of the local sports teams, these guys keep it interesting!  I can listen and then take what they shared to make myself sound knowledgable in all the sports stuff.  Especially when I get caught up in some awkward sports conversations at work. Thanks guys!

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