Andy Profile PictureWhen attempting to write this, I sat and pondered, “What on Earth would anyone want to, or care to, know about me?”  So here is my attempt to take a shot at addressing that.

Assuming you are here because you too, are a sports fan and hopefully a Wisconsin Sports Fan, I’ll tell you a little more about how deep my fandom goes.  I have been a fan of the Packers, Brewers and Bucks since birth.  At a very young age I can remember making TD throws like Don “Majik Man” Majkowski, then later Brett Favre… TD catches like Sterling Sharpe… Big hits and plays like Paul Molitor and Robin Yount,  then crushing HRs like Greg Vaughn… jumpers like Vin Baker, later enjoying the smooth shot of Ray Allen and the other parts of the trio Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell.  Now moving to the latest generation of Wisconsin Sports stars headlined by the MVP Sweep of Aaron Rodgers, Christian Yelich (don’t forget Ryan Braun), and Giannis Antetokounmpo — we have been blessed in Wisconsin Sports.

I was able to participate in sports to a high-level and enjoyed every minute.  Now I get joy watching my kids, family and their friends play sports. Enjoy the opportunity to coach sports and help the younger generation find their talent, love for the game, and build lifelong friendships.

Aside from sports which is in reality only part of the podcast, which is why it is no surprise it is only part of the podcast.  I enjoy music, gaming, movies and traveling.  Love technology and all the fun that goes along with it.  Passionate about being a father, husband and hopefully a good friend.

Hope you have fun with the podcast and welcome to the QTR family!