Mike Profile PictureMy love of sports started at a young age. I was the kid falling asleep in class because my dad didn’t see anything wrong with trips to County Stadium on school nights. After attending the game where Robin Yount got his 3000th hit, I was officially a baseball and Brewers fanatic. A large part of my childhood was spent playing sandlot baseball, using allowance money on baseball cards, and poring through box scores in the morning paper.

I attended the University of Wisconsin as much for it’s division I sports programs as its academics. I had football season tickets for five years during a time when tickets where handed out the Wednesday before a game on a first come, first served basis. I would camp outside the ticket office to ensure I always had seats in the front row of section O.

After college, my friend proposed the idea that instead of being adults, we spend one more year living like college kids, but do it in Green Bay. Why Green Bay you may ask? Well, we thought attending every day of training camp and home game during a season was something we had to cross off our sports bucket list.I’ve been to countless sporting events.

I’ve seen euphoric wins and soul-crushing defeats, visited historic stadiums and state of the art, modern marvels, sat in the sweltering heat and sub-zero cold. Now I’m ready for the next adventure in my life as a sports fanatic so doing a podcast with a couple of my closest friends only makes sense. If you can relate to any of this, you’ve come to the right place and thanks for listening.