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Episode 15 | Questy Awards Voting Available, Packers Playoff Hopes Vanish – What’s Next?, NFL Playoff Talk, Joined by Kris from Ireland, Discuss Sports Hurt, Fantasy Football Talk

Questionable to Return | Episode 15

In This Episode:

  • Welcome…  Kris “from Ireland” joins us, Sports Pain  (intro)
  • Corrections – Movie Talk, Right-hand vs. Left-hand
  • Questy Awards 2018 – Wisconsin Sports Awards… Voting Now Available! #QTRAwards
  • Packers Playoff Hopes Now Dead, What’s Next?
  • NFL Playoff Picture Talk
  • Fantasy Football Results – NFL Week 15 – Review the Leaderboard

Estimated Timestamps for Topics:

  • 00:36 – Welcome… “Kris from Ireland” joins us, Sports Pain (sports betting pain, Pete’s return to basketball pain, and fantasy pain) – (intro)
  • 15:02 – Corrections
  • 24:45 – Quest Awards Voting Available!
  • 27:20 – Packers
  • 49:03 – NFL Talk, Playoff Picture
  • 1:05:17 – Fantasy Football Talk

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