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Episode 20 | Our Biggest Fan, Packers Season Grades, Who is Mitch Mustain, Bucks still a Top NBA Team, and WWE

Questionable to Return | Episode 20

In This Episode:

  • Welcome… NFL Playoffs, oh Bears, Kids Sports, QTR Super Fan Kyle (intro)
  • Fan Mailbag
  • Fantasy Football Draft – NFL Wildcard Weekend
  • Packers End of Season Grades
  • Bucks Talk

Estimated Timestamps for Topics:

  • 00: 30 – NFL playoffs, kids sports, QTR Super Fan Kyle
  • 06:50 – Fan Mailbag
  • 22:01 – Sports Documentary: Identity Theft of Mitch Mustain and wrestling
  • 35:56 – Packers End of Season Grades
  • 56:03 – Bucks Talk

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