Episode 56 | Everyone’s Back, stories from the road! Bucks in 5, Packers Draft Recap, and Game of Thrones Talk

Questionable to Return | Episode 56

In This Episode:

  • AMP (Andy, Mike and Pete) is BACK!
  • Stories from the Road, Andy goes to Bucks vs. Celtics Game 4
  • Bucks Talk – Bucks in 5, onto NBA Eastern Conference Finals
  • Game of Thrones Talk
  • Steve Czaban is back on Wisconsin Airwaves and Wrap Up

Estimated Timestamps for Topics:

  • 0:00:18 – Welcome… Pete’s Podcast AMP is back, East Coast trip for Andy
  • 00:08:33 – Andy goes to game 4 in Boston,
  • 00:12:04 – Bucks in 5, NBA playoffs, WHO’S NEXT
  • 00:33:44 – Packers draft recap (first round only), Frank Lamping update
  • 00:44:37 – Game of Thrones AMP episode 4, little bit of 3 recap and what’s next for the last two episodes
  • 01:19:06 – Outro, full circle, Jurassic Park, Czaben is back on Wisconsin airwaves

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