Episode 50 | Happy 50th to Us!, Bucks Playoff Excitement, Kris Kiper NFL Draft Talk and Game of Thrones

Questionable to Return | Episode 50

In This Episode:

  • HAPPY 50th! Kris Kiper (aka Kris from Ireland) Joins Us, Star Wars Trailer
  • Bucks Playoff Excitement, Bucks vs. Pistons matchup, NBA Playoffs
  • Questionable to Return Giveaway: Game Day Rituals & Superstitions, Kris shares his
    • Winner gets a Giannis Antetokounmpo Funko POP!
  • NFL Draft Preview, Packers Analysis from Kris Kiper
  • Game of Thrones Final Season Preview, of course there will be betting

Estimated Timestamps for Topics:

  • 0:00:18 – Welcome… 50! Welcome Kris Kiper, gaming expo, Star Wars trailer review
  • 0:12:43 – Bucks playoff excitement, Coach K hate/love
  • 0:16:11 – QTR Giveaway, Kris Kiper Game Day Ritual
  • 0:22:55 – Bucks vs Detroit matchup, NBA playoffs
  • 0:32:36 – Kris Kiper NFL Draft analysis, Packers Draft outlook
  • 0:49:31 – Game of Thrones Final Season Prep and betting
  • 1:11:15 – Outro, QTR – Review, QTR – Retro, 2 timer club

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