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Episode 37 | Christmas Decorations Still Up?, Jersey Typo, WWE, LeBron & Lakers Troubles, Badgers & Marquette, NBA, Playoffs & Bucks, Ranking Game

Questionable to Return | Episode 37

In This Episode:

  • Christmas Decorations still up, problem? Jersey typo
  • Sports Injuries Stories
  • WWE
  • LeBron James and the Lakers, serious troubles?
  • NBA Playoffs and Milwaukee Bucks
  • Keep or Cut – The Ranking Edition (outro)

Estimated Timestamps for Topics:

  • 0:00:18 – Welcome… Holiday Decorations & Misprinted Jerseys
  • 0:08:17 – Sports Injury Stories
  • 0:21:42 – Misc Stories – WWE, LeBron, Badgers & Marquette
  • 0:40:11 – NBA & Bucks talk
  • 0:57:19 – Keep or Cut (the official QTR game version)

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